Master of Valuation (MV) Program at Nankai University was approved by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council in 2010, and is one of the first pilot units to provide this educational program. It is under the support of a strong and professional faculty force from Business School who has been recognized as strong in both research and teaching in the business field. Under the background of globalization, MV emphasizes “localization”, aiming to cultivate and foster top-level and application–oriented talents to serve for local economic development. Through the cooperation among the academia, the industry and the enterprises, MV integrates all kinds of resources to help develop the unique advantage of its graduates to cope with future challenges. 

The MV education model is made up with three parts: class-teaching, social practice and career planning. The integrated model helps to sharpen students’ theoretical basis and innovative abilities, and cultivate business talents with both practical ability and professional quality. The MV program offers advanced value appraisal classes. In these classes, instructors use original foreign textbooks, and the instruction languages are Chinese and English. These classes are not only good in foreign language learning environment but also good for students to land international jobs and start their professional career.

MV’s main courses include: Principles of Economics, Financial Accounting and Accounting standard, Analysis of Financial Statements, Financial Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Quantitative Analysis Method, Asset Appraisal Theory and Method, Valuations, China and Foreign Appraisal standards of assts evaluation, Assets Evaluation’s Practices and Case Studies, The Real Estate Appraisal Practice, Valuation of Intangible Assets, Tax Base Valuation, Machinery and Equipment Assessment, Financial Asset Appraisal, Land Evaluation Theory and Practice and so on.