Program Overview

The DBA program is a cooperation program between Nankai Business School and School of Business of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKB). It is different from traditional PhD programs as it puts more emphasis on combining theory with practice and meeting businessmen's needs to develop doctoral level qualifications. The program, taking the current DBA courses of the HKB as blueprint, aims at helping students to integrate their practical experience with theoretical knowledge in order to develop innovative plans for solving managerial issues.

Learning Goals

  • Students will be competent in conceptual and theoretical frameworks and effective in planning strategies, leading changes and directing corporate governance.

  • Students will master research skills and be adept in conducting independent original research on business and management related issues.

  • Students will be mature in a broad scope of business and management knowledge and be able to communicate to a general audience other than their immediate subordinates.

Program Features

As the program takes the DBA courses of HKB as blueprint, its teaching methods, courses as well as graduation requirements are basically same as the one at HKB. Meanwhile, the curriculum and teaching are adjusted to adapt to Mainland China's business environment and conform to the trend of globalization and the popularization of information technology.

Students must fulfill certain number of credits to get graduated, which comes from both the courses and workshops. The required courses are taught by Hong Kong Baptist University, while the professional development workshops are run according to the course structure of Nankai University. At the end of the third trimester, each DBA candidate will be assigned two supervisors to work on the thesis, the principal one from Hong Kong Baptist University and the other from Nankai University.



  • Hold a master's degree in business-related subjects or above from a recognized university.

  • Have substantial years (e.g. 10 years or above) of managerial or professional experience.


  • Application Schedule

All year round. The application deadline for a particular year is in June.

  • Registration Office

The DBA Center of Nankai University.

  • Application Materials:

1. Nankai University Application Form. It can be downloaded from the website http://ibs.nankai.edu.cn/dba/index_en.html or obtained from the Registration Office.

2. Highest academic certificate.

3. Official academic transcripts

4. Certificate of English language proficiency

5. 2 recent 1-inch photos

6. A photocopy of your passport.

7. Application fee: RMB 1500, payable to NKU at the interview (non-refundable).

Applicants who meet the preliminary entry requirements will be interviewed by the Admission Team, and the interview is conducted in both Chinese and English.

The final list of the applicants who have successfully passed the interview will be endorsed by the Graduate School (GS) of Hong Kong Baptist University. Formal acceptance letters will be issued by GS of HKBU to admitted applicants.


The duration of DBA is 3 to 6 years, and the full tuition is RMB ¥500,000.

Faculty and Staff


Required courses of Nankai-HKBU DBA program will be run by the Hong Kong Baptist University. For the faculty of HKBU, please refer to:


Administrative Staff

Lv, Feng Director of the DBA Center of Nankai University

Gu, Yu Executive Officer of the DBA Center of Nankai University

Tel: +86 22 23509265 

Email: nankaidba@163.com

Contact Us

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