Prof. Zhang Yuli Wins 2016 Fudan Management Excellence Award

2016/11/02 hits:5525

On Oct. 28th, the 2016 Fudan Management Excellence Award ceremony was held in Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong. Prof. Xia Shuzhang, honorary president of School of Government received Fudan Management Lifetime Achievement Award. Prof. Zhang Yuli, Dean of Nankai Business School received 2016 Fudan Management Excellence Award. Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Legend Holdings Ltd., received Fudan Corporate Management Excellence Award.

The awards were presided by Jiao Yang, executive director of the foundation, Chancellor of Fudan University. The awards were presented by Chen Zhili, board chairman of the foundation.

Known as the "Nobel Prize in Management of China " and set up by Mr. LI Lanqing in 2005, Fudan Management Excellence Award was funded by Fudan Management Awards Foundation, which aims to improve the international academic status and influence of Chinese management. The award is granted annually in rotation among three sub-fields in management which are management science and engineering, business administration and public administration.

The Fudan Management Excellence Award is a confirmation and recognition of Prof. Zhang Yuli's dedication to and development of management education, especially his contribution to the research on business management and strategic management in China.