Business Philosophy of "Clay Figurine Zhang"

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Date: October 23th, Sunday, 2016

Start Time: 15:00

Venue:  Lecture Hall, Business School Building

Speaker: Zhang Yu, the sixth generation owner of "clay figurine Zhang"147701116553148514770111655314851477011165531485147701116553148514770111655314851477011165531485‍‍

About Speaker

Zhang Yu, the sixth generation owner of "clay figurine Zhang", came to the workshop in his childhood. He studied traditional colored drawing with grandfather and father. Having studied for a dozen years, Zhang Yu gradually starts to creat independently .

Combining the strengths of predecessors , Zhang Yu created affluent and animated works with traditional family techinques. His works were collected by the Chinese Art Museum. Zhang Yu was also awarded as the outstanding succsessor of national nonmaterial cultural by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC).

Zhang Yu is devoted to creating works with spirit , managing enterprise with knowledge and assuring brand with quality. He also teaches students selflessly . Wether in terms of family business philosophy or understanding of life, Zhang Yu has unique philosophy.